MicroCool—The First Name in Fog & Mist Technology

If it has to do with cooling, humidification, air quality or odor control, MicroCool has the solution.

Misting Fog

MicroCool specializes in producing a fine water fog used for humidification, process cooling, horticultural applications and environmental solutions.

Businesses and industries around the globe turn to us for process cooling, for dust and odor suppression, and the ideal air temperature and humidification to maximize the performance of workers, facilities and equipment alike. Horticulture operations take advantage of the precise climate control they can achieve inside greenhouses.

Revolutionary ultra-fine, 10-micron water fog. Cost-cutting energy efficiency. Stand-alone service, quality and features. It’s no wonder the world turns to MicroCool for myriad applications that benefit from fog and mist technology.

Product Expertise for Demanding Environments

The MicroCool FOCUS system offers state-of-the-art fog technology for industrial humidification. The specially designed pump units, nozzles and delivery system make this the most effective way to add humidity to in-space, demanding environments. Our technology and engineering expertise lead the way in adiabatic solutions for industrial, commercial, and greenhouse humidification and cooling. Call us today to speak with a humidification expert about how we can provide a customized solution.

Winter Humidification

Winter Humidification

In many locales, winter brings low humidity and increased static electricity which can negatively impact manufacturing processes, printing and paper factories, electronic repair facilities, computer rooms, and factory floors.

MicroCool systems can create humidity across various zones that release fog as necessary to reach and maintain the set point. And, high pressure water fog solutions are far more energy efficient than in-duct humidification processes.

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Industrial Fogging
Industrial-Strength Challenges, Industrial-Strength Solutions

No one knows how to put fog and mist technology to work like we do — we’ve got more than three decades of experience encompassing virtually every industry. We provide fog/mist systems to Greenhouse Growers; Equipment Manufacturers; Processing Plants; Trash and Recycling Centers; Food, Wine and Cold Storage Facilities; and Woodworking Operations, just to name a few.

Our design and engineering team with decades of cumulative experience will work with you to create a custom-tailored solution for your application. You’ll have the most effective solution, innovative ideas, superior equipment, and unmatched MicroCool ongoing support.


MicroCool fog/mist systems are used to control humidity levels in both small and large operations. They not only cool, humidify and eliminate static electricity, they are economical to install, operate and maintain. From electronic laboratories to woodworking, greenhouses to plant culture rooms, MicroCool has the equipment and knowledge to apply custom-designed solutions for every situation.

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Process Cooling

Maximize the performance of your equipment and your manufacturing while minimizing energy costs. MicroCool process cooling solutions are at work everywhere, bringing the cooling power of advanced fog technology to the most demanding applications. MicroCool C3 (Condenser Coil Cooling) can reduce energy requirements by 20% or more with major gains in output.

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Modern day horticulture requires growers to maintain critical levels of humidity and temperature evenly throughout the greenhouse. MicroCool fog systems provide users with fog/mist solutions to help achieve their goals of increasing production and crop value. With no dripping, perfectly controlled evaporation and integrated equipment, MicroCool is the perfect partner in Controlled Environment Agriculture.

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Environmental Control

Suppress dust. Control odors. Create a cool, comfortable working environment. Meet regulatory requirements. A MicroCool high-pressure fog system can help you do it all — easily and economically. We’ll create a solution that puts you in command of the air in — and out — of your facility.

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Industrial Misting and Fogging Pumps
The Technology Leader

If you’re going to be ahead of the game, your fog and mist technology has got to be ahead of the pack. MicroCool is the leader others follow, continuously setting the bar in pump, nozzle and control technology. If there’s a way to do it better, easier, and more cost-efficiently, you’ll find it in a MicroCool system.

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