MicroCool has been providing humidification, air quality, cooling, and horticulture applications for businesses and industrial plants of all sizes for decades, and we continue to grow and thrive at every turn. MicroCool is committed to customer satisfaction by delivering the best possible products and service with the most competitive pricing.

Keeping Your Spaces Optimal for Humidification and Air Quality

MicroCool provides a number of different application services that can be customized to meet your needs. MicroCool’s goal is to keep your indoor air optimal, well-humidified, and as safe as possible for your staff, equipment, and products. There are many applications for MicroCool’s unique humidification services across a wide list of industries and scopes.

MicroCool can help manage humidity in storage facilities, warehouses, plants, and greenhouses to ensure the safety of your products and equipment during production or while they are being stored for later use.

Our Applications at a Glance


MicroCool offers industrial humidification systems and services that can manage humidity levels in your facility or office space. By keeping humidity within the correct parameters, MicroCool systems can help to protect from potential damage to your goods and equipment. We can offer you precise humidity systems that will last for years with very little upkeep or risk.

Extreme humidity and temperature levels can also have a significant impact on employee productivity and public safety. MicroCool’s humidification solutions help businesses maintain comfortable and healthy indoor environments by using state-of-the-art evaporative cooling systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing HVAC infrastructure. Our humidification systems are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any business or industrial plant, large or small.

Air Quality

The quality of air in your facility is important for the safety of your employees and customers, as well as the protection of your equipment and products. You will also be able to control moisture levels and temperature at scale to ensure every bit of space is well monitored and controlled for optimal air quality.


With a MicroCool system, you can rest easy knowing your condenser coils are being cooled by precision fog nozzles placed strategically in front of the coils so your equipment is able to maintain the correct temperature. The process is efficient and it ensures a long life for manufacturing equipment across industries. Our cooling applications can reduce heat by up to 30 degrees via hot air extraction, a process that can save a big company millions of dollars over time.


Finding dynamic horticultural solutions is a top priority here at MicroCool. Our advanced greenhouse misting system allows for more efficient plant growth and protects plants from dehydration, pests, and diseases. MicroCool is the perfect partner for greenhouse growers who want to increase yields while maintaining optimal environmental conditions.

MicroCool Sets the Industry Standard

When it comes to finding practical, efficient, and effective applications for humidification, indoor climate control, and air quality, MicroCool leads the way. We have been providing businesses with quality humidification solutions for over 40 years, and our products are backed by a reputation for excellence.

From controlling humidity levels in factories and offices to cooling greenhouse plants, MicroCool has a solution that will work for you and your business. To learn more, contact us here so we can assess your needs and find a solution for you. You can also call us directly by phone at 760-322-1111.