MicroCool … Powerful Environmental Dust and Odor Control

Environmental control presents tough challenges in any industrial workplace – and dust and odor are at the top of the list. Once again, MicroCool high-pressure fog systems are the answer, with the ideal solution for virtually any application.

MicroCool conquers dust and odor.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Getting dust and odor under control are a must, for worker safety and to meet regulatory requirements. Protect your employees, and protect your business against costly environmental citations and fines, with MicroCool systems for dust suppression and odor control.

Fogging Solutions for Dust Control

Ultra-fine (10 microns or smaller) fog droplets attract and trap dust particles as they fall to the ground.

Odor neutralizing chemicals can be injected into the air, mixing with the droplets. Malodors are instantly eliminated with the fog.

Unlike ventilation systems, the MicroCool fog system requires no costly air compressors. And it’s significantly less costly to install than bag filter systems.

Built-in controls limit operation to only when required. A MicroCool system uses a fraction of the energy consumed by conventional systems.

A healthier, safer, cooler, more comfortable workplace.

Dust Control
Dust Suppression - Designed for Your Site

Our design team will create a dust suppression solution tailored to your application, working closely with your building operators to fine-tune your system. Fog is carefully controlled, concentrated where it is needed most, without wetting the surrounding areas – avoiding unwanted dampness on work surfaces and floors.

By monitoring temperature and humidity levels, you can generate the optimum conditions to capture and contain fugitive dust throughout the building. Special options can include frost protection, auto purge, motion sensors and ambient temperature monitors.

MicroCool dust suppression systems are at their most effective when wind or air speeds are below 200fpm, to allow the fog droplets time to capture the dust. They are most effective in semi-enclosed areas. They are NOT effective in mining operations or material movement where winds and containment are an issue.

Odor Control with Fogging
Odor Control – Don’t Mask, Eliminate!

Odor control is often mandated by local authorities or residents, and accompanied by the potential for costly fines and penalties. Products that mask these odors are often inexpensive and ineffective, and simply add another odor to overpower the first one. Eliminating odors is the answer – and MicroCool is the solution.

Waste Water Treatment
Using municipal water alone is often sufficient to eliminate many malodorous situations. However, when water alone is not enough,a mixture of odor-neutralizing product and water can be used. The mixture is then instantly atomized into billions of micron-sized droplets. The water quickly evaporates, leaving the odor-neutralizing product to entrap and biodegrade the malodors.

Cannabis Grow Facilities
MicroCool's high pressure fog systems are uniquely suited to provide many benefits for cannabis growers. In addition to providing safe, eco-friendly odor elimination, fog provides the perfect combination of humidity and cooling that optimizes plant growth. Read More...

As always, with MicroCool you’re in control. Sensors enable you to control when the odor suppression system is activated based on time, air temperature, and wind direction and speed. MicroCool can recommend manufacturers whose products are distributed via a high-pressure mist system.

Environmental Applications

Dust Control

  • Transfer stations
  • Entry doorways and tipping points
  • Waste disposal stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Rendering plants and animal operations
  • Woodworking and manufacturing facilities
TECH TALK: “Point Source Emission”

Dust Suppression with Fogging

MicroCool dust suppression systems are designed to concentrate on the origin point of the dust, capturing it as it escapes rather than when it has become airborne. The system is particularly effective on PM10 and smaller particles, which form an ionic bond with the fog droplets. The resultant heavier-density droplet falls to the ground for collection and disposal. Larger droplets tend to simply “push” the dust away.


Odor Control

  • Transfer stations
  • Lift wells
  • Trash stations
  • Extractor fans
  • Rendering plants
  • Waste water treatment
  • Bio filtration
  • Cannabis grow facilities
  • Organic recycling facility
TECH TALK: “Creating an “Odor Barrier”

fogging perimeter for odor control

MicroCool nozzle lines form a ring around the culprit pond, reservoir or odor outlet. Strings of nozzles are placed at a distance of around 48"/1.25mm to create a barrier through which the malodor must pass.

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