MicroCool’s Evaporative Humidification Fogging Technology

For centuries, the principle of flash evaporative cooling has been used to combat heat and add humidity. MicroCool melds this age-old principle with the very latest technology to create advanced solutions for controlling humidification in a variety of applications.

High-pressure nozzle

1 Water is Forced into a Fine Fog

Water is forced at high pressure through custom MicroCool nozzles with tiny, 0.008” opening (a fraction of the size of a human hair), forming a fine, fog-like mist with billions of microscopic droplets.

2 Flash Evaporation Cools the Air

When water droplets evaporate, changing from a liquid to a gas, the surrounding air cools – a phenomenon known as “flash evaporation.” Millions of these droplets are evaporating every second.

3 Smaller Droplets are Better

Low pressure systems create larger, heavier droplets that fall to the ground, wetting people, equipment and surrounds with minimal cooling. In contrast, MicroCool’s high-pressure nozzles create fine mist droplets that flash evaporate and cool the air almost instantly.

4 Cool and Comfortable with MicroCool Fog

Evaporative humidification and cooling go hand in hand. When droplets flash evaporate, the air cools and humidity increases.

More About High Pressure Fog Systems

High-pressure nozzle

A high-pressure fog system utilizes a simple non-pressurized water line in conjunction with nozzles and a variable drive speed (VFD) pump to create fog. MicroCool’s patented ROC nozzles rotate 360° for easy positioning without tools. Multiple fog zones can be programmed with different humidity set points.

The effectiveness of any high-pressure fog system is only as good as the controller that runs it. That’s why MicroCool has packed so many features and technology into their Vector Controller unit. Efficient cooling with adiabatic humidification lowers operating costs, uses minimal energy, and saves money.

Fogging Technology. There is a difference.

When comparing MicroCool’s flash evaporation cooling systems to other methods of process cooling and humidification (electrode and steam humidification), it soon becomes obvious that MicroCool technology has many advantages in cost, distribution, and operation.

And buyer beware, as the market is awash with fogging/misting systems marketed by companies who make exaggerated claims and promises using low-cost, imported equipment that is primarily designed for domestic outdoor cooling situations.

MicroCool fogging solutions (whether IBEX or FOCUS), are designed for demanding industrial applications that utilize the latest in electronic controls and pump technologies. And, we provide the technical specifications to back up our statements.

High-pressure nozzle

Patented Nozzles

MicroCool’s new-generation, American-made misting nozzle is designed to last longer and provide more consistent delivery than lesser, imported components.

  • Unprecedented versatility — Instead of having every nozzle positioned identically, the patented rotatable collar enables mist to be pointed in any direction. This flexibility in positioning provides even humidity levels throughout a location.
  • FOCUS nozzle systems — Each nozzle can be positioned and controlled separately to deliver fog wherever it’s required
  • Integrated filter — Protects nozzle from contamination in the line
  • High-volume drain valve — Nozzle line empties on shutdown to eliminate bacteria from forming in stagnant water
  • Drip-free design — The nozzle closes after operation to eliminate any dripping
  • Made in the USA — Equipment is assembled in our California factory using local parts and materials where available
High-pressure nozzle


Our exclusive powerful IBEX and FOCUS misting pumps are designed to deliver economical, long-life performance.

  • Variable-speed drive — Automatically adjusts pump speed to water flow and number of nozzles, reducing electrical usage and pump wear
  • Compact, quiet — less intrusive, can be mounted closer to production areas, eliminating long runs of pipework
  • Saves energy, money — Reduces electricity use by more than 60%
  • Extended pump life — Less wear and tear on the pump
  • Inlet pressure switch — Prevents the system running dry and damaging the pump
  • Pressure transducer — Maintains optimal system pressure for MicroCool nozzles
  • Remote operation — Ties into external sensors, BMS systems (analog) and climate control systems
  • Drain valve — using a PLC controller, the valve opens just enough to release the pressure, saving valuable water usage
  • Built to 508 UL standard — Safety, reliability
  • Powder coated steel frame — Strong, long-lasting durability
  • 1-year warranty — Backed by responsive MicroCool service
High-pressure nozzle

Stainless Steel Lines

Simply put, MicroCool misting lines look better, perform better and last longer.

  • Stainless steel lines and fittings – No corrosion
  • 3/8″ diameter — More rigidity and longer nozzle runs.
  • Innovative rotating collar — The ROC collar is a MicroCool exclusive, allows each nozzle to be rotated through 180° independently
  • Corrosion proof, weld-free — Nozzle attachment prevents warping
  • Made in the USA — Dependable quality
  • Strength — Our stainless-steel lines are tested to 3,000 psi to ensure integrity

Humidification Equipment

MicroCool is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing humidification equipment for a wide range of industrial applications.

Humidity in operational and storage facilities plays a big role in many industries; too low or too high humidity levels can mean material deterioration, production problems, equipment failures, and other disruptive issues. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, textile, paper, wood, food, and other industries, as well as in museums, libraries, art galleries, hospitals, schools, and other commercial buildings.In fact, in potentially explosive environments, low humidity and the resulting static electricity can be catastrophic.

MicroCool has been a trusted leader in the industrial evaporative cooling and humidification industry for over 40 years. We don’t just create the best solutions for maintaining your ideal indoor environment or humidity level – we also can help you cut down your operational costs by increasing the energy-efficiency of your facility.

Importance of Humidification Equipment in Industries

In an industrial environment, extreme dry air can cause damage to the sensitive electronic equipment, warp materials, and create discomfort for workers. If you’re encountering equipment downtime and failure associated with unbalanced humidity levels, the productivity of your facility and the quality of the end product is going to suffer.

Dry air can also lead to the formation of static electricity, which is known to interfere with effective operation of computers and production machinery.

To prevent all these issues, you need commercial-grade humidification equipment. At MicroCool, we have been designing cutting-edge humidification systems for digital printing, controlled agriculture, cold storage, greenhouse evaporative cooling, data centers, and many other facilities since 1980. Here are a few facilities we have created humidification systems for:

Digital Printing

Digital print shops need humidity control units to prevent electro-static discharge from causing delays in production, paper jams, and even fire. Printing equipment produces heat, therefore, steam humidifiers will raise the temperature of the surrounding air and put quality at risk. To prevent poor ink adhesion and potential damage to a wide format printer, an automated humidity control system with great precision must be installed. Our relative humidity control can be customized to precisely meet the requirements of any print facility.

Our solutions stave off electro-static discharge, and provide additional low-cost air conditioning and humidity control.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Processes like tablet coatings with liquid solutions require extremely specific humidity and air stream levels; in this case, it’s to ensure that the coating doesn’t dry too slowly or too fast. The right humidity is critical if your goal is to increase production yields, reduce waste, or streamline your production process. MicroCool’s humidification system delivers the optimum conditions you need to control your facility’s environment 24×7.

Clean Rooms and Laboratories

Even though all clean rooms and most labs are pressurized, additional steps must be taken to ensure the indoor humidity doesn’t fluctuate. Even a slight increase in humidity levels can lead to several problems such as product degradation, corrosion, and bacteria or mold growth. It can cause water to cool and condense moisture and solvents to evaporate, thereby compromising both process quality and control.

Additionally, a MicroCool system is very quiet compared to a humidifier that utilizes compressed air and requires a loud compressor. Our humidification systems are ideal for intricate working environments.

Our designers at MicroCool can customize the evaporative cooling and humidification equipment to ensure your production standards and environment are not contaminated. We will work with your team to eliminate issues caused by poor environmental control so you can maximize your production yields.

Learn More About MicroCool’s Industrial Humidification Systems

Whether you’re looking for a low-energy, chemical-free humidifier to reduce operating costs and maintenance, or customized humidifiers to improve indoor air quality, we have got you covered. Our systems utilize high quality water with additional filtration and UV light purification for 99% bacteria free fog.

If you need help choosing the best solution to enhance your production efficiency, feel free to call us at 1-800-322-4364. You can also write us an email at fog@microcool.com or reach out online.


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