Fogging and Misting Data Sheets

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MicroCool Profile
Product line listing and fogging applications


MicroCool Brochure (4pg)
Expanded product information and company timeline


Fog Applications


Dust Suppression

Greenhouse Cooling + Humidification (2pg)
Creating ideal environments for all types of vegetation

Choosing a Greenhouse Fog Humidification System (3pg)
Selecting a greenhouse fogging system

Hatchery Humidification (2pg)
Increases shell strength and improves production times

Barrel Storage Humidification
Reduces vapor leakage, maintains proper alcohol content

Humidification to Reduce Static
Case Study for Panasonic Avionics

Humidification for Small Areas
Case Study for SoHo Yoga Studios


Fogging for Dust Suppression
Fogging can reduce and eliminate dust


Process Cooling

Condenser Coil Cooling (4pg)
Save energy and lower A/C maintenance costs

Natural Gas Pipeline Compressor Station Cooling
Case Study for a North Carolina Natural Gas Company


Odor Control

Fogging for Cannabis Odor Control
Fog systems can disperse an odor-neutralizing product that biodegrades unpleasant smells.


About Fog Humidification

Humidification Brochure (4pg)
General overview of using fog to create humidity

High Pressure Fog Humidification
The advantages of fog humidification

Fog FOCUS In-Space Humidification Brochure (4pg)
Directed humidification solutions

IBEX Integrated Fogging System
Designed for high demand applications


Additional Information

Reverse Osmosis Overview
This optional filtration method removes bacteria, pollen and chemicals from the water supply

Nozzle Maintenance
Cleaning instructions to prevent nozzle blockage


Pumps - Complete the form below to gain access to these technical documents.

Hummingbird Pumps for Smaller Scale Applications
0.30 US gpm / 170 lbs/hr

IBEX Pumps for Mid-Range Applications
Eight models ranging from 1 - 11 US gpm


FOCUS for In-Space Applications
Three models ranging from 0.7 to 2.33 US gpm

BIGHORN Compact Design Series
Three models ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 US gpm

RHINO Series for Large Scale Systems
Ranging from 16 to 48 US gpm


Nozzles - Complete the form below to gain access to these technical documents.

High Pressure Fogging Nozzles
Anti-drip nozzles support 1,000 psi / 70 bars pressure

FOCUS POD and Cube Nozzles
Focused nozzle output with instant start/stop fogging

ROC Nozzles (Stainless Steel and Flex Line Options)
360 degree nozzle rotation for maximum flexibility


Zone Controller
Control fogging in separate zones

Reusable Hose Fittings
Brass fittings come in 3 sizes for use with flexible line