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Review MicroCool's latest technology and advanced engineering solutions for controlled misting and fogging in a variety of applications.

FOCUS on Directed Humidification

FOCUS systems operate differently from conventional systems. Each nozzle has a solenoid built into the housing that controls the operation of the nozzle. This factor alone eliminates the risk of dripping and draining nozzles in the location. The FOCUS CUBE and FOCUS POD nozzles are connected to a high-pressure manifold line running from, and back to, the pump unit. The specialty FOCUS pumps maintain a fixed pressure of 1000 psi/70 Bar in the manifold line so that when the nozzle solenoids open at the nozzles, that pressure is immediately present.

Having powerful pressure always available at the nozzles is a significant advantage in itself. But that’s just one of the many significant features of the FOCUS fogging solution. To maintain hygienic quality of the water, the system water supply is circulated back through a UV light for sterilization. FOCUS systems only operate with Reverse Osmosis water, ensuring that all the minerals, bacteria and viruses are removed from the system. Protective safety features like automatic drains and service reminders for oil change and UV bulb replacement are built in. And an optional single-zone controller for humidity and temperature can easily be added, making it a complete standalone unit.

Humidification for Theater + Performing Arts

Dry, stale air in a theater is uncomfortable for everyone. In live performance, humidity in the “comfort zone” can be crucial to prevent dryness of the mouth and other vocal annoyances. In addition to overall ambient comfort, a theater fog system helps to remove the fine dust in the air that can be bothersome to actors and singers alike.

Integrating just the right amount of moisture to the air is an exacting process. Nozzles must remain invisible, and there is no room for residual water droplets. Because every theater is unique, MicroCool works with the stage and theater managers to maintain an exacting humidity level for the venue, the performers, and the patrons.

Cooling Nozzle Technology.
There is a difference.

When comparing MicroCool fogging systems to other methods of process cooling and humidification (electrode and steam humidification), it soon becomes obvious that MicroCool technology has many advantages in cost, distribution and operation.

And buyer beware, as the market is awash with fogging/misting systems marketed by companies who make exaggerated claims and promises using low-cost, imported equipment that is primarily designed for domestic outdoor cooling situations.

MicroCool fogging solutions (whether IBEX or FOCUS), on the other hand, are designed for demanding industrial applications that utilize the latest in electronic controls and pump technologies. And, we provide the technical specifications to back up our statements.

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MicroCool equipment is made in the USA to uncompromising standards including UL registered electrical equipment. Our design professionals are knowledgeable about many different applications and will create a custom solution to meet your needs. You'll be assured that you have the right layout, the right equipment, the perfect location, and the proper nozzle line height and spacing. We’ll offer options, make suggestions, and communicate with you every step of the way.

MicroCool has been leading the way in evaporative cooling technology for more than 30 years. There’s only one way to get the best value for every dollar of your investment: Insist on MicroCool.
Process Cooling Benefits

The “flash evaporation” of water has long been known to drastically reduce air temperatures in hot climates. MicroCool Industrial Cooling Systems meld this age-old principle with the latest technology, achieving dramatic benefits.

  • Higher cooling efficiency — The cooling potential of one MicroCool nozzle is the equivalent of about one ton of air conditioning!
  • Reduced costs — Reduced energy consumption and equipment maintenance.
  • You’re in control— Your systems only run when they are needed, at temperature peaks and when conditions are right for optimal atomization.
  • Water savings — The MicroCool condenser coil cooling system uses significantly less water compared to spray and pad systems, and a fraction of the water used for cooling towers.

FOCUS POD - Versatile Humidification

Each FOCUS nozzle has a built-in solenoid for immediate operation and shut down of the fog cloud. This eliminates the potential for drips and drainage associated with other systems. FOCUS nozzles can be installed on the manifold line wherever needed. A versatile array of nozzle orifice sizes and the ability to select one, two or three nozzles per unit provides unrivaled flexibility. Because each nozzle contains an individual solenoid, multiple control zones can be used on each pump unit, allowing the HVAC specialist to focus the humidity exactly where required

The FOCUS POD provides even more versatility, featuring a fan and timer to propel the fog further into spaces where there is little or no air movement. The timer allows each nozzle to be set individually, giving the user multiple choices for operation.

A/C Precooling

A MicroCool process cooling system uses significantly less water than spray and pad systems – and a fraction of the water consumed by cooling towers. In addition to saving a precious resource, you save bottom-line dollars.

The most advanced control techniques ensure that process cooling applications run only when they are most effective. The operator receives on-going electronic feedback and can determine the operational effectiveness of the cooling system in varying climate conditions.

KESQ Interview

Midway through 2009, a core group of MicroCool management successfully struggled to wrest MicroCool back from the Swiss Giant. Under the new management, all pump module manufacturing was returned to the Desert. MicroCool moved to a much larger, 10,000 square foot facility. A UL certified electrical panel room was installed so that all pumps can be shipped with that important designation! All equipment was redesigned to fulfill a specific purpose, and the FOCUS, Hummingbird, IBEX, Rhino, and Bighorn ranges were born, along with a brand new concept in stainless-steel line, the ROC line. Fully engineered, complete turnkey MicroCool systems are being installed all over the world. And the list of satisfied MicroCool customers continues to grow.