Review MicroCool’s latest process cooling equipment and advanced engineering solutions for controlled misting and fogging in a variety of applications.

FOCUS on Directed Humidification

Unlike conventional systems, the FOCUS system features nozzles with solenoids inside the housing that controls the operation of the nozzle, eliminating the risk of dripping or leaking. The FOCUS CUBE and FOCUS POD nozzles use high-pressure manifold lines that run to and from the pump unit. The specialty FOCUS pumps sustain a fixed pressure of 1000 psi/70 Bar in the manifold line so that pressure is immediately present upon opening.

To maintain maximum water sanitation levels, the water supply runs through a UV light for sterilization. FOCUS systems use water that undergoes reverse osmosis, ensuring that all the minerals and microorganisms are cleansed from the system. Additional precautions include automatic drains as well as reminders for oil changes and UV bulb replacements.

Humidification for Theater + Performing Arts

In live performances of any kind, proper humidification levels are vital to avoiding dry mouths and other vocal irritations. Aside from providing general comfort, our fog systems also help to eliminate the fine airborne dust that can be bothersome to both performers and attendees.

Reaching the perfect amount of air moisture is an exacting process. MicroCool works with stage and theater managers to discover an ideal humidity level for the venue, the performers, and the patrons.

Cooling Nozzle Technology.
There is a difference.

Compared to other conventional humidification methods such as electrode and steam humidification, it’s clear that MicroCool technology has the upper hand in regard to cost, distribution, and operation.

Using innovative control and pump technologies, our range of fogging solutions are engineered for challenging industrial applications.

Process Cooling Benefits

Flash evaporation drastically reduces air temperatures in hot climates. We combine this phenomenon with our innovative technology to achieve a variety of dramatic benefits.

  • Unbeatable cooling effectiveness — With only one MicroCool nozzle, you can achieve the same output of about one ton of standard air conditioning!
  • Lowered expenses — Our equipment consumes energy at lower rates and requires less regular maintenance than traditional equipment.
  • Complete control — Our systems only operate when necessary, such as during peak temperatures or when the environment is ideal for atomization.
  • Efficient water usage — The MicroCool condenser coil cooling system uses significantly less water compared to other systems.

FOCUS POD – Versatile Humidification

The FOCUS POD offers a high level of flexibility by utilizing a fan and a timer to propel the fog further outward when there is little or no air movement. The timer allows the user to set each nozzle separately, offering an array of choices to suit their operation.

A/C Precooling

Using the most cutting-edge control techniques, our technology ensures that our process cooling systems run only when necessary. The operator receives real-time electronic feedback and can determine the operational effectiveness of the cooling system in any condition.

KESQ Interview

Based in the Palm Springs area of Southern California for over 30 years, MicroCool is a global leader in high-pressure fog systems for cooling and humidification purposes. The local TV station KESQ produced a short video on how our company operates.