IBEX Fogging System for cooling and humidification

The IBEX Fogging System is the culmination of many years of development and design, an evolution that began with the very inception of MicroCool more than 30 years ago. Precision nozzles are easily mounted on specially fabricated stainless steel and flexible lines, and strategically spaced to distribute the fog evenly and effectively into the air. On larger installations with free unobstructed areas, multiple grids and zones can be operated from a single pump source. A host of safety and service features are built into the IBEX system to enable simple maintenance and operation.


IBEX applications

IBEX systems have the capacity to deliver from 17 lb/hr. (7.50 kg) up to 90 lb/hr. (41kg) from a single pump unit. MicroCool designers work closely with you to determine your specific cooling and humidification needs, and will propose a custom-made system for the application. Versatile MicroCool ROC nozzle assemblies can be mounted on stainless steel or flexible pipe to distribute fog evenly through the space, providing a uniform fog distribution.

All IBEX systems offer a variety of options. We recommend that each pump system is paired with a MicroCool Reverse Osmosis system to provide clean hygienic water to the system. RO water also keeps nozzles in perfect operating condition by removing the mineral salts that can build up in the nozzles.

Ibex Pump

IBEX Pump details

Our exclusive IBEX pumps are packed with advanced MicroCool technology to deliver powerful, economical, long-life performance in even the most demanding settings. IBEX pumps deliver from 2.00 USGPM to 11 USGPM (see data sheets) and can be configured for single and multiple zones using the zone controller.

IBEX is designed for safety and ease of use. A convenient LCD screen provides access to a full range of safety, performance and service settings. All controls are placed at a comfortable height to avoid bending over. Standard 5 and 10 micron filters can easily be replaced due the height of the pump, and an Ultraviolet light can be easily mounted at the rear. Adjustable feet make sure that the pump stands level and solidly on the ground. All electrical panels are built to UL 508A specifications and feature internal safety equipment.

  • Variable frequency drive — Automatically adjusts pump speed to water flow and number of nozzles
  • Compact, quiet — Less intrusive, can be mounted closer to production areas
  • Low energy use, saves money — Reduces electricity usage by more than 60%
  • High efficiency motor — Puts less wear and tear on the pump
  • Inlet pressure switch — Prevents the system from running dry and damaging the pump
  • Pressure transducer — Maintains optimal system pressure for MicroCool nozzles
  • External connections — Ties into external sensors, BMS systems (analog) and climate control systems
  • Drain valve — With a PLC controller, the valve opens just enough to release the pressure, saving valuable water usage
  • Built to 508A UL standard — Ensures safety, reliability
  • Powder coated steel frame — Offers strong, long-lasting durability
  • 1-year warranty — Backed by responsive MicroCool service
MicroCool ROC Line

Simply put, MicroCool fog lines look better, perform better and last longer. ROC lines are available in both stainless steel and flexible line suitable for different applications. Nozzle spacing is determined on design but many standard sizes are available. Each system is designed with a careful eye on hydraulic pipe losses. Single and double ROC collars available.

  • Stainless steel lines and fittings – No corrosion
  • Flexibility – Flexible nylon hose uses brass compression fitting.
  • 3/8" diameter — More rigidity and longer nozzle runs
  • Innovative rotating collar — The ROC collar is a MicroCool exclusive, allows each nozzle to be rotated through 180° independently.
  • ROC collar options — Available on both stainless steel and flexible lines.
  • Corrosion proof, weld-free — Nozzle attachment prevents warping associated with other systems
  • Made in the USA — Dependable quality
  • Strength — Our stainless steel lines are tested to 3,000 psi to ensure integrity