Humidity control is a key part of any woodworking facility, and a commercial humidifier is crucial to keeping the indoor environment optimal. Wood, like any other natural material, can be damaged if it dries out or gets too wet. The type of commercial humidifier that’s needed to generate humidity in your woodworking facility will depend on the type of work you do and the amount of space that needs to be humidified.

This blog post will discuss what humidity control is, why it’s important for your commercial woodwork projects, and how commercial humidifiers are used for this purpose.

How Does Humidity Affect Wood?

Humidity affects wood in two important ways. First, wood that has too much moisture content is more likely to warp and deform as it loses water to the environment. Second, wood that does not have enough moisture can become brittle and crack when it’s subjected to pressure, saw blades or lathes. These problems can be especially dangerous for big projects that involve a lot of wood, such as cabinets and furniture manufacturing.

A commercial humidifier can help you avoid these issues by maintaining the proper humidity levels in your workspace. Humidity control is the best way to be precise about how your wood is maintained and can hedge the risk of a lot of costly damage. If your wood becomes too dry or too wet, it could warp, crack, or even rot to the point of making it useless to your shop and your projects.

How to Optimize Your Workspace With a Commercial Humidifier

By keeping a commercial humidifier in your woodworking facility, you can avoid these dangers and create a safe and productive workspace for your team. Humidity control is an important part of woodworking, so don’t neglect it! Make sure to keep your commercial humidifier running all the time to get the best results and dial in the exact levels you need for optimal humidity. Take the time to set it up with precision and don’t take your workshop’s humidity levels for granted, even in good weather.

If your commercial humidifier isn’t set up correctly or not running properly, it could stop working when you need the humidity the most. Proper setup involves setting the humidifier to the correct humidity level and calibrating it correctly. You also need to make sure that your commercial humidifier is always functioning, or you will have big problems with wood warping, cracking, and shrinking.

MicroCool is Your Go-To Source for Commercial Humidifier Solutions

The commercial humidifier you choose for your woodworking space will depend on how big the area is that needs to be humidified, and what you’re trying to do with humidity control. For example, some commercial humidifiers are designed specifically for large production spaces while others are meant only for smaller workspaces and storages where people keep wooden furniture.

MicroCool offers commercial humidifier solutions with humidity control technology that is perfect for woodworking facilities, cabinet makers, wood storage warehouses, and furniture makers. We have a wide range of commercial humidifiers to choose from, and each of them is backed by the industry’s highest quality standard and world-class customer service. If you’re not sure which commercial humidifier is right for your needs, our team can help you determine the perfect solution.

We’ll also work with you to ensure that your needs are met at scale and that you understand the best practices and requirements your space needs to get the most optimal results. To learn more, contact us here, or call us at 760-322-1111.