MicroCool offers a reliable, proven solution for budding entrepreneurs in the medical marijuana industry. Our high-pressure fogging technology offers both cooling and humidity control for MMJ greenhouses and indoor grow facilities. The water based fog is eco-friendly and less costly to operate than other technologies. Our system can also be used as an auxiliary distribution system to reduce marijuana odors.

What type of grower are you?

MicroCool offers both Cannabis Greenhouse humidity systems (see below) and cooling and humidity solutions for Indoor Grows.

Ideal Humidity Systems for MMJ, Cannabis Greenhouses

1 Eco-Friendly Anti-drip Design

MicroCool systems create high-pressure water fog with 10 micron size droplets that flash evaporate into the air creating cooling and humidity for greenhouse environments.

2 Optimized Propagation

Control the propagation of young plants and seedlings by maintaining constant humidity levels and optimal temperatures. An ideal growing environment allows faster and more even rooting for maximum output.

3 Energy Efficient Pumps

Cannabis greenhouses can use lots of energy. MicroCool pumps utilize Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to slow the motor speed relative to the required output of fog which prolongs motor life and uses less electricity. It’s the ideal system for larger greenhouse spaces providing uniform coverage while still conserving energy.

4 Certified Control Panels

It’s possible to over-humidify a space. The ideal humidity level for a flowering cannabis plant is approximately 40% to 60% in most cases. Anything beyond 70%, which is considered high humidity levels, you are putting the plant and other equipment in danger.

You can use a hygrometer (humidity meter) to measure the humidity in your greenhouse and manually adjust your humidifier to reach the optimal humidity. This can be unnecessarily stressful. Alternatively, you may choose a humidifier with a built-in humidity sensor that adjusts its performance as needed, shutting off when the humidity levels are ideal in your indoor grow house. It also comes with the bonus of a digital display. The second choice, which is also the most popular, is efficient, dependable, and simple, don’t you think? You need a humidifier system like this for your cannabis plants.

MicroCool’s UL 508A certified electronic control panels assure compliance and safety. ln fact, we offer one of the few humidification solutions that delivers this level of certification.

5 99.5% Bacteria-free Fog

Humidifiers provide a tempting breeding ground for mold and germs because they increase humidity levels. Mold and bacteria love moisture, so humidifiers are ideal spawning grounds for a variety of issues you are working so hard to combat.

Prevent the awful scenario of mold and mildew growth by purchasing an antimicrobial humidifier made of substances that assist in preventing bacteria, mold, and mildew proliferation. Your other option is to clean your humidifier once a week to remove germs, which is a whole lot of work. The MicroCool humidifier is a low-maintenance model that works well in agricultural settings.

We recommend and provide reverse osmosis equipment in conjunction with our systems as a 99% clean source of water to keep nozzles free and clear of minerals and plants free of mineral dust. The UV light in our pump system is the last stage of water purification killing 99.5% of waterborne bacteria.

Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification Solutions

In the competitive MMJ marketplace, it makes sound business sense for greenhouses and cannabis grow rooms to continuously monitor and control temperatures and humidity levels so that plants will be healthier with lower disease rates.

MicroCool’s inclusive fog systems can integrate with any existing climate computers, ventilation systems and other control elements to maintain even, constant temperatures with the proper amount of humidification.

Fog Humidification for Cannabis Q&A

How does fog used for humidity work in a cannabis greenhouse?

Fog can be added to the environment in a cannabis greenhouse to increase humidity levels and lower temperatures, especially in arid conditions like the desert southwest.

How does fog used for cooling work in a cannabis greenhouse?

Fog is added into the growing environment for cannabis to create a cool and consistent environment throughout the house. Typical temperature reductions can be from 10 to 25º, Fahrenheit.

How is fog used in a propagation greenhouse?

Fog is used along the plant life cycle for germination, propagation, weaning and growing.

How long does it take to drop the temperature of a greenhouse with fog?

MicroCool fog systems have instant on/off capabilities and will fill a greenhouse within 6-10 seconds so theoretically, it takes just as long to see a reduction in temperature.

What is the difference between fog and mist used for greenhouses?

The purpose is the same: to add humidity or cooling to the greenhouse growing environment. The difference between fog and mist is the droplet size. Fog droplets are smaller and are absorbed into the air, removing heat. Fog benefits the plant in the early stage of growth by adding humidity to the environment without over-wetting the growing media. Low pressure mist could be catastrophic to a cannabis crop if applied incorrectly, or at all, fostering an unwanted environment.

When you are ready to discuss your humidification system for your cannabis plant operation and are looking for the best humidifiers, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us online or call us at 760-322-1111.

Fog Humidification Resources

We invite you to watch a video on directed humidification, download documentation for review at your convenience or to contact us directly. We’re humidification experts first and salespeople second. Consider us a resource anytime you have questions.

Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification Solutions

Cannabis Odor Control

advanced process cooling solutions

Greenhouse Humidification Overview

Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification Solutions

Choosing a Greenhouse Humidification System

Growing cannabis for CBD purposes is legal in all 50 states, as long as it meets the requirements for low THC levels. More than that, several states have legalized the growth and sale of both medical cannabis and cannabis for recreational use with high levels of THC in the last ten years. Whether as a prescription drug to treat pain or as a psychoactive drug, the demand for this substance has surged in ways no one could have expected. With cannabis use on the rise, cultivating medical marijuana plants has become one of the most profitable investments in recent history, with investors flocking into the sector in droves.

There is a vast array of products that come from growing cannabis, such as cannabis oil, hash oil, and edible gummies. Marijuana use, as stated earlier, includes medical purposes such as treating cancer pain, neuropathic pain, epilepsy, anxiety disorders, and other health problems, as well as recreational purposes like smoking cannabis to induce a “high” feeling. Investors know about this multi-dimensional use, and many of them are deploying their resources into cultivation operations and dispensaries.The demand for high quality cannabis strains and the availability of a wider range of distinctive brands are on the rise as the number and sizes of dispensaries grow every day. This is because the recreational and positive health effects of cannabis are dependent on the quality of the cannabis seeds and cannabis plant. So, no matter the reason for consuming cannabis, all marijuana and CBD users demand it at its best. This is why premier brands have better quality and can be more expensive than an average product.

The Importance of Growers For Cannabis Plants

The high demand for the best quality cannabis for CBD and cannabis sativa, indica, and hybrids result in dispensaries seeking consistent quality and a variety of goods on behalf of their clients. With greater demand for quality cannabis sativa and other strains, there is more pressure on growers to produce a consistently high-quality product to turn this greater demand for distinct quality into greater earnings.

Growers must now exhaust all of their options to ensure they obtain the finest quality cannabis plants and create the optimal growth conditions in spaces like large grow rooms. Examples of such environmental conditions for growing high-quality cannabis include indoor grow solutions, such as a cool mist humidifier, for managing VPD (vapor pressure deficit) levels and solutions including cannabis humidifier, greenhouse humidification, and cooling.

Cannabis Greenhouse Humidification and Cooling and Indoor Grow Solutions

Maintaining consistent humidity levels is a problem for many growers when the lights are on. HVAC systems that are constantly running to cool the light filled rooms reduce the relative humidity. As night temperatures drop rapidly, humidity spikes upward, frequently into the hazardous zone. On the other hand, daytime heat or light-generated heat causes humidity to decline. In this case, thirsty plants may wilt as a consequence. This does not only affect the plants immediately, but there may also be increased risk for lower yields as well.

Cannabis crops and even workers may experience adverse health effects when humidity levels are off. Many farmers are aware that low humidity and dry conditions attract spider mites, while high humidity creates an environment conducive to Botrytis, among other molds or blights. These examples imply that you must maintain balanced moisture in the air of an indoor growing space by any means possible.


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