MicroCool Barrel Storage Humidification Solutions

MicroCool’s advanced fogging technology creates and maintains humidity to specified levels creating an optimal storage environment that decreases evaporation through wooden barrels. Our systems have been in use in Napa Valley for 15+ years. Vintners, brew masters and distillers count on our knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to refine their alcoholic beverage storage process.

Ideal Humidity Systems for Vintners, Brewers and Distillers

MicroCool systems equalize humidification levels between the inner and outer barrel eliminating vapor leakage and product loss through the wood barrel. The integrated pump, high-pressure water nozzles and sensors work together to monitor and maintain humidity to specified levels.

Our team analyzes room dynamics including air exchange, temperature and existing equipment in order to specify a solution built for your exacting requirements.

Barrel Storage Humidification

MicroCool systems help equalize humidification levels between the inner and outer barrel which reduces vapor leakage (and product loss).

Wine producers can suffer up to 18% loss from each barrel, which increases the alcohol content beyond desired levels and results in lost revenue. Fog humidification lessens vapor losses and improves your bottom line.

Manually “topping off” barrels during storage and aging stages in order to maintain the fine balance of alcohol content and character is time consuming and expensive. MicroCool's fog humidification can eliminate this manual process.

MicroCool's fog system adjusts to subtle variations in room temperatures and humidity caused by fluctuations in weather conditions. Sensors monitor and maintain humidity to the set-point level, so that daily adjustments aren't necessary.

We recommend and provide reverse osmosis equipment in conjunction with our systems as a 99% clean source of water to keep nozzles free and clear of minerals and barrels free of dust. The UV light in our pump system is the last stage of water purification killing 99.5% of waterborne bacteria.

Barrel Storage Humidification technology
MicroCool Fog Technology Advantages
  • Mandate for continuous improvement
    Results in superior fog technology not found anywhere else.
  • Clean and pure humidification
    Reverse Osmosis and UV light provide 99.5% bacteria-free humidification.
  • Instant flash evaporation
    Microscopic fog droplets create constant fog without dripping.
  • Custom design / simple installation
    Every system is custom-built and can be installed in-house.
  • 360º "no tool" nozzles
    Rotating nozzles allow accurate positioning.
  • Diverse pump output range
    20+ models ensure a perfect fit for your specifications.
  • Energy efficiency
    Eco-friendly energy and water conservation technology is built into every pump.
  • Low lifetime operating costs
    Less water and energy consumption combined with minimal on-going maintenance adds up to lower overall costs than competing technologies.

Fog Humidification Resources

We invite you to watch a video on directed humidification, download documentation for review at your convenience or to contact us directly. We’re humidification experts first and salespeople second. Consider us a resource anytime you have questions.

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Barrel Storage Humidification

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