Humidification Solutions by Industry

Humidification for Cold Stores
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Extend perishables life
Greenhouse Humidity
  • Optimize propagation
  • Grow year-round
Humidification for Paper and Textiles
  • Reduce static electricity
  • Prevent thread breakage
Electronics Humidity
  • Reduce static electricity
  • Maintain set points
Humidification for Hatcheries
  • Improve shell density
  • Optimize chick growth
Barrel Storage Humidification
  • Reduce Angel's share
  • Reduce topping off
Factory Humidification
  • Improve worker comfort
  • Optimize efficiency
Clean Rooms Humidification
  • Reduce fugitive dust
  • Bacteria free fog
Woodworking Humidification
  • Reduce distortion
  • Reduce warping
Food and Beverage Humidification
  • Extend perishables life
  • Reduce shrinkage
Paper Industry Humidification
  • Reduce static electricity
  • Reduce paper jams
Yoga and Fitness Studio Humidity
  • Clean, quiet humidification
  • Eco-friendly
Humidification Benefits

Find out more about the benefits of humidification in all industries. From static electricity to product shrinkage, controlling humidity tackles a myriad of problems.

Do you have any of these problems?

Manufacturing Humidification

Compromised production due to dry conditions

Humidification adds exacting environmental control, provides cost-efficiency and improves reliability for manufacturing processes and improves worker comfort and efficiency on the factory floor. Read more.

Humidification to Reduce Static Electricity

ESD/static electricity build-up

Static electricity can negatively impact manufacturing processes, printing and paper factories, electronic repair facilities, computer rooms, and factory floors. Read more.

Humidification for Cold Stores

Loss of humidity at extremely low temperatures

The chillers and coolers in cold store applications “strip” the air of any water, which reduces humidity and places perishable products at risk. Read more.

Humidification for Oak Barrels

"Angels' Share" loss due to evaporation

Maintain humidity to specified levels creating an optimal storage environment that decreases evaporation through wooden barrels. Read more.

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