MicroCool … We’ve Mastered Humidification

Precision humidity control is a must in a wide variety of industries, and in our 35 years, we have become experts in meeting the specialized needs of virtually every one of them. Whether your application calls for open-space, in-duct or individual room humidification, there’s a MicroCool solution that is made to order.

MicroCool delivers everything you need in a state-of-the-art industrial humidification system.

Humidification Solutions by Industry



Adding humidity – and being able to precisely control it – is vital to a wide variety of industrial applications.

Complete Humidity Control for Industrial Applications

With MicroCool humidification, you’re in control. Systems can be “zoned” into different sections and controlled individually, allowing different humidity levels to be maintained in separate rooms. You can easily adjust the location or direction of the nozzle to deliver humidification where it is needed.

MicroCool temperature and humidity controllers are designed to work specifically with MicroCool nozzles for the most accurate control. For maximum flexibility, your MicroCool system can also adapt to outside control and BMS systems.

Focused Fogging Control

Vital in operations like precision electronics manufacturing or paper and textile operations.

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Static electricity can wreak havoc in electronics and other specialized manufacturing facilities. Semi-conductors are particularly sensitive to static charge. In printing scenarios, paper will stick to itself, creating multiple problems. The discharge of this static is often destructive. While many solutions are possible, the easiest answer is simply to maintain the necessary humidity. MicroCool humidification systems can quickly achieve equal, consistent distribution of humidity, and maintain it indefinitely.

MicroCool FOCUS pump systems are equipped with automatic “purge” cycles that clean and recirculate water every 24 hours to eliminate any chance of waterborne viruses that could atomize.

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Water left in steel lines for any length of time can become stale and, in the worst cases, even promote bacteria growth. Flushing the line before each day’s use is the simplest established method of ensuring fresh water distribution. This purging can also be scheduled on a timer in order to maintain hygienically clean water even in periods of non-use.

Agriculture, woodworking, wine and spirits, greenhouses and hatcheries are just a sampling of the places where humidity plays a significant role in producing a quality product.

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Proper humidity levels, along with proper distribution, can ensure that fine woods do not warp, dry out and crack. Precious wine and spirits won’t evaporate from their wood barrels, creating an expensive top-up solution. Tomatoes can develop the right amount of lycopene by not becoming too hot or too dry while growing in their hot house. And baby chicks can happily grow in their incubator under the perfect germ-free environment. MicroCool Humidification systems can ensure the quality of just about any product that requires a humidified space.

MicroCool FOCUS systems are ideal for laboratories, clean rooms, chambers and sensitive locations. Nozzles close after every operation, eliminating drips and drainage.

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Certain production facilities or special rooms require above-average cleanliness. These environments cannot tolerate significant amounts of dust and debris, and have very tight tolerance for humidity levels. MicroCool provides expertise in various water treatment applications when providing humidity solutions and can help select and assist in the design of the air treatment for such locations.

For a cleaner, safer working environment.

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MicroCool has designed the micron-sized fog droplet to match up perfectly with typical PM10 dust particulate. Fog nozzles mounted at ceiling height produce millions of droplets that collide with the dust particulate, dragging it to the ground where it is easily collectible, making the surrounding environment cleaner and safer for all employees.

Humidification with Fogging

Decidedly Better Distribution

Maintaining uniform humidity levels is a breeze with MicroCool humidification. Unlike conventional systems that deliver humidity from a single point, your MicroCool system consist of a grid of nozzles, evenly distributed throughout the space.

Our expert design team determines the accurate number and positioning of nozzles for optimal performance. MicroCool’s unique FOCUS nozzles are connected together using specialized hydraulic tubing that can be easily formed and shaped to follow the contours of the rooms. Because the nozzles are economical to install, they can be dispersed wherever you need them – and you can easily expand coverage as your needs require.