Winter Humidification Applications

In many locales, winter brings low humidity and increased static electricity which can negatively impact manufacturing processes, printing and paper factories, electronic repair facilities, computer rooms, and factory floors.

Case Study

Humidification for Avionics Repair

Focused Humidification System for Avionics Repair Facility

“When I was designing the repair shop expansion I wanted an in-space humidifier as the existing in-duct steam unit hadn’t been performing well. I looked at various options and MicroCool’s Focus System was affordable and kept me on budget.”

- Yuji Yoshikawa, Panasonic Avionics, Orange County, CA


The Santa Ana winds typically bring extremely dry air and an increase in static electricity. After several winters of nursing an underperforming humidification system at their Orange County location and facing an expansion, Repair Facilities Manager Yuji Yoshikawa finally decided that he needed to find a humidification system that worked consistently to address these issues. Reducing static to combat the impact from weather changes was his first concern for his facility which specializes in repair on avionic electronic systems. When planning the repair shop’s expansion, Yuji received a high quote from his vendor to extend the existing humidification system which forced him to look at different options to improve or upgrade the humidification system. Yuji needed a multi-zone solution that could be trusted in the production environment to emit high pressure water fog where it is needed most, creating localized humidity. MicroCool’s proposal would solve the high maintenance issues of in-duct systems by providing a more energy efficient and reliable humidification network.

The issue of static electricity in a sensitive electronics repair facility can be an ever-present enemy that can’t be seen, and it’s not a small matter for solid state environments. The Electrostatic Discharge Association reports that hundreds of millions of dollars are lost every year in damage to product and effect on production costs.


MicroCool has devised a customized solution capable of creating humidity across various zones utilizing the Focus POD humidifiers that release fog as necessary to reach and maintain the set point. MicroCool’s high pressure water fog solution was far more energy efficient than the previous system of in-duct steam created by using electricity to boil water, a technique commonly used by other humidification providers. After removing the old hardware and replacing with MicroCool’s Focus System (Hummingbird pump, a custom Vector humidity control panel and Focus POD nozzles), the install team was able to adjust set-points determined by Yuji’s requirements, adding humidity to the repair shop across various zones.


The use of MicroCool’s in-space Focus humidification system that releases fog only as necessary to meet a humidity set-point, helped Yuji Yoshikawa create energy efficiencies within his facility. The streamlined, calibrated system of humidity zones was the perfect solution to combat static and maintain humidity requirements for Panasonic Avionics’ work on sensitive electronic equipment.

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Panasonic Avionics Case Study

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