Greenhouse Cooling Fog System Guide: Setting the Foundation for High-Performance Operation

Inspect greenhouse fog cooling systems thoroughly as the summer growing season approaches. Since last summer, the fog cooling system has been inactive. It is advisable to carefully check the system now to ensure everything is in good working order before the demands of cooling and humidifying crops through the hotter

Dairy Barns and Cow Comfort: The Triad of Shade, Airflow, and Evaporative Cooling

When I began designing high-pressure water fogging systems, an experienced engineer in the southwest gave me a piece of advice. He mentioned three main factors in keeping people or animals cool during peak summertime heat: shade, air movement, and the third crucial ingredient, evaporative cooling. Shade is the obvious one—getting

Efficient Odor Control For Cannabis: Preserve Air Quality And Minimize Odors

The smell of cannabis can be a blessing or a curse depending on who you ask. For some people, it is a pleasant and relaxing aroma that signals the presence of a beneficial plant. For others, it’s an unpleasant odor that invades their space and affects their quality of life. 

How To Properly Maintain Your Fog System?

Fog systems or misting systems are highly effective tools used to control environmental conditions across diverse industries including agriculture, horticulture, food and beverage, and various manufacturing processes.These systems function by utilizing high-pressure pumps to propel water through nozzles featuring tiny orifices, resulting in the creation of a fine mist or

The Advantages Of Installing A Custom Commercial Humidification System

In a world where efficiency is key, it’s crucial to make sure our work environments are as ideal as possible. Now that we are starting to understand more and more about how the environment around us – things like ambient temperature, airflow, and humidity – can impact both machines, product

Fogging System For Greenhouses: How Evaporative Fog Cooling Impacts The Health Of Your Crops

As temperatures rise and global weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable, the world of agriculture is seeking effective, energy-efficient solutions to keep crops healthy. That’s why the utilization of fogging systems is extremely popular among cultivators. An innovative technique that harnesses the power of evaporative cooling, a fogging or misting system

The Comparison Of Humidification Techniques

Humidity is a critical issue in industrial environments. Too little or too much moisture in the air in, say, a print shop, cannabis grow facility, cabinet maker, or oak barrel storage, can end up compromising your entire inventory and equipment. Industrial humidification systems are vital to regulating the moisture in

The Relevance Of Condenser Coil Cooling And Process Cooling

When it comes to industrial applications, process cooling capacity plays a major role in maintaining the performance of system components, the integrity of processes and the quality of finished products. This is because the heat generated by applications within an industrial plant can be harmful to applications as well as

Industrial Humidity Control: Controlling Electrostatic Discharge in Electronics Manufacturing

Static electricity is a great source for fun science experiments. Simply by rubbing objects against wool, we can make balloons and paper pieces stick to everyday objects like combs and plastic pens. While it can be a terrific way to entertain the kids, static electricity is no laughing matter. Electrostatic

Improving Milk And Dairy Production With Cattle Cooling System

For the agricultural industry, summer is a key month of high productivity. For many crops, it is the peak harvesting season and many farms are at their busiest during this time of the year. However, one particular sector of the industry begs to differ – dairy farming. Contrary to popular

Relative Humidifiers and Coolers for Digital Printing Plants

Water is a life-giving substance essential for the survival of all biological life on the planet. But as a pervasive and somewhat corrosive substance, water is also a nightmare in many industrial settings and can negatively affect a production process. Exposure to water can degrade a wide array of materials,

Using High-Pressure Water Fog in a Controlled Environment for Plant Cultivation

Plant cultivation just works better when it is conducted inside a greenhouse or grow room. It allows growers to create a highly controlled environment for optimal growth and productivity throughout the year. A significant amount of vegetable production in the country (more than 15,000 acres) takes place inside greenhouses. This

The Benefits of Having a Commercial Humidification System

Humidification systems like a commercial humidification unit are important throughout several industries. They contribute to commercial building and equipment maintenance, proper storage of food and other goods, and the overall indoor environment. Not only can they help keep the air in your commercial space cleaner, safer, and balance the relative

Advancements in Fogger Technology You Should Now Know About

Fogging technology has come a long way since its creation, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Foggers are a type of fogging machine that disperses an aerosol fog (in many cases, water) into the atmosphere. They are used for many different purposes, including agricultural and industrial

4 Steps to Setting Up Your Greenhouse for Cooling

You may be wondering how greenhouse cooling works and why greenhouse cooling is so important for plants. Greenhouses are structures built to provide a space to grow plants in a controlled environment. Cultivating plants in a greenhouse allows the grower to manipulate the indoor environment to create the best conditions

The Many Ways Cooling Fogger Systems Help to Conserve Water

Cooling fogger systems are a fantastic way of keeping temperature levels ideal in industrial settings. They also help to conserve water by using foggers instead of sprinklers or spray and pad systems. Furthermore, fogger technology helps save energy and money on utility bills. The foggers can be used for both

5 Uses of Humidification Systems You Didn’t Think Of

Humidification systems are an often overlooked piece of technology, and one you may not have considered for yourself. Humidification systems have many applications, and they can be useful for a variety of different industries. In this blog post, we will talk about 5 humidification system uses that you may not

5 Ways to Make Sure That Your Greenhouse Air is Properly Humidified

How humid is your greenhouse? Are the humidity conditions right for optimal growth? Do you have a humidity solution for controlling and humidifying air there? It may seem like a silly question, but humidifying the air in greenhouses is important for many reasons. The most obvious reason is that it

Using Humidification Systems in Times of Virus Outbreaks

Virus outbreaks can cause irreparable damage to public health and safety, the quality of the air we breathe and the humidity in the air around us while indoors is more important than ever. Virus outbreaks are becoming more and more common, and since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we all must

An Introduction to Humidity Control Systems

Humidity control systems are a necessary tool in industrial plants and facilities that suffer from humidity issues. Improper humidity levels can cause many problems such as mold growth, illnesses, structural damage to buildings, corrosion of metals, and more. A humidity control system can help by regulating humidity levels within an

Improving The Efficiency and Productivity of a Textile Mill with Humidity Regulators

Humidity controls for large humidifiers are the key to optimizing their efficiency in textile mills. Buying a large humidifier is a common investment that many businesses make to protect their workers, products, and bottom line. The humidistat or sensors on a large humidifier, help regulate humidity levels by signaling when

Why Proper Humidity Levels in Food & Beverage Plants are Essential

Humidification is an essential process in the production and storage of food products and greatly affects it from a commercial standpoint. Humidity levels in food and beverage processing facilities are critical in order to maintain proper product safety, freshness, and taste. The right humidity level can help prevent the growth

How to Optimize a Woodworking Facility with Humidity Control

Humidity control is a key part of any woodworking facility, and a commercial humidifier is crucial to keeping the indoor environment optimal. Wood, like any other natural material, can be damaged if it dries out or gets too wet. The type of commercial humidifier that’s needed to generate humidity in

Why Industrial Plants Benefit the Most From Humidification Systems

What is industrial humidification, how does it work, and how does it benefit plants and factories? Humidification systems are highly important to industrial plants that produce products that are sensitive to changes in the environment. They help raise the humidity levels to achieve the ideal amount of relative humidity for

A Humidity Solution is Key for Producing and Storing Good Wines and Spirits

Have you ever wondered why finding a humidity solution is such a big deal when it comes to producing and storing wine and spirits in oak barrels? Well, the answer is that the relative humidity in the storage can greatly affect the wine and spirit aging process. If humidity levels

The 3 Industries That Benefit the Most From Controlled Humidification

Industrial humidifiers are used in settings to control humidity levels. They can be either uncontrolled or controlled, and here we will discuss the differences between them as well as some of the industries that would benefit most from these systems. Uncontrolled humidification is when a device tries to maintain a

Greenhouse High-Pressure Fog System

Top reasons to cool a commercial greenhouse using a high-pressure fog (extremely fine mist) system?   The best commercial high-pressure systems: 1. Create a very fine (10 micron max size) water droplet which quickly evaporates. Operating at 1000 psi creates ultra-fine water particles which instantly evaporate.2. Designed to uniformly cool

Industrial Humidifiers For Canada

Industrial humidifier systems are important for production environments in Canada to combat indoor dry conditions in winter. Smaller, portable, temporary or localized additive humidity solutions, such as ultrasonic, often fall short. While these systems are less expensive and are often efficient, they seldom provide a solution that will keep up

Paint VOCs Humidity Challenge

Humidity systems are important to cabinet makers producing painted wood cabinetry. Air must be properly exhausted to reduce VOC levels and replace with humidified air. The trend in painted wood cabinets, especially for kitchens, has grown exponentially during COVID-19. The required high levels of exhausted air can make it challenging

Humidification For Hemp Storage

Humidifying the storage environment for hemp is important to keeping product weight. Storing plants with specified humidity levels can keep them as close to fresh as possible with all related qualities once they’ve been picked, cured or dried. When it comes to CBD, storage of hemp flower needs to be

Humidity’s Affect: Virus Transmission

News around the novel coronavirus has become ever present in this COVID-19 era. Suddenly scientists, medical professionals and HVAC building engineers are seeing the importance of indoor humidity levels to reduce virus transmission. The effect of indoor relative humidity level is not just on occupants and workers in terms of

So Cal: Humidity in Manufacturing

For manufacturers in Southern California, adding humidity to manufacturing spaces offsets dry conditions. Low relative humidity levels play a key role in causing production issues and machinery downtime–especially when the Santa Ana winds blow. The effect of these winds may not always be top of mind for operations, engineering and

Large Humidifier Systems

Considerations for Large Commercial Humidifier Systems A range of factors that should be evaluated when researching large humidification systems for production and manufacturing spaces. Use the guide below when choosing a large commercial humidifier that will meet your needs for several years. Understanding the dynamics of the space and how

Humidifiers for Industrial Applications

Many industrial applications require humidifiers and humidity be added into a space when production issues arise. Application of humidity using industrial quality humidifier systems can ease problems such as: static affecting materials or machinery, drying, curing, fusing, raw materials dimensional stability, jamming, sticking, application of coatings, glues, adhesives, inks.

Comfort and Beautification With Fog

Outdoor cooling and dust control are two things which contribute to the comfort and health conditions for humans. Though the execution is a little different, fog can be added to outdoor areas to cool down neighborhood, city and municipal gathering spots and recreational areas. In the same way, adding fog

Hemp Is Growing

Hemp for CBD-Based Products The burgeoning industry around CBD extract used for everything from lotions, supplements, teas, oil tinctures seems to be influencing the number of growers focusing business around hemp production. Hemp’s Current Boom The Farm Bill 2018 included federal legalization of hemp and removal of hemp from the

Fog For Cooling: Industrial Condensers

MicroCool provides large fog systems that reduce ambient temperatures for large industrial condensers used across many industries. Details of the equipment are shown in the video. Case study available here describing system used at natural gas compressor station. When high temperatures hit, make sure your systems stay online and available

Food & Wine: Using Humidity

Humidifiers used for commercial food production for bakeries, cheese, mushrooms, wine and whiskey produce a consistent, high quality product.

Commercial Printing: Consistent Humidity Helps Production

Staying online is every print shop’s main concern from a bottom line standpoint. This 2018-2019 Winter has seen some of the coldest temperatures across locations in the Plains, Midwest and East Coast. Extreme temperatures that an entire generation of people have never experienced.  Low and even below zero temperatures are

Commercial Fog Humidifiers For Woodworking & Cabinet Shops

Our fog humidifiers for commercial, industrial and manufacturing applications can add precision humidity to the environment to help with wood dimensional issues. Check out this video for an overview of how humidification can help. Humidity Solution: Woodworking Learn what we can do for your woodworking, cabinet or joinery shops. Controls

How It Works: Greenhouse Cooling With Fog or Atomized Mist

How is fog or a very fine mist used for cooling a greenhouse? At MicroCool we are often asked this question. Simply put: Heat that builds up naturally in the greenhouse is relieved through cooling when the fog evaporates into the air. Through evaporation, heat is removed from the air

Humidity Sensors For Precision Commercial Humidifiers

Using Humidity Sensors When Applying Commercial Humidification For commercial production facilities–Factories, Warehouses and Manufacturing Environments–humidity sensors are a must have. They have a special role in effectively recording the relative humidity levels in a commercial or industrial environment where humidity is applied. Typically in Winter, facilities add humidity to a

Using Industrial Humidifiers In Textiles & Fibers Manufacturing

Manufacturing Humidity: Organic and Non-Organic Fibers Wool. Feathers. Cotton. Linen. Silk. Bamboo. Hemp. What do all of these have in common? All of these derive from organic materials that thrive on moisture when still ‘alive.’ As a processed material, such as textiles, the need to maintain humidity is still necessary.

Reducing Marijuana Odor To Reduce Impact On Neighbors

What can be done to alleviate odor? MicroCool’s Mark Stanley was featured recently in an OC Register article about what can be done to mitigate nuisance odors from cannabis cultivation. Our fog system have been used around the country for wastewater, transfer stations and other waste facilities to manage noxious

Add Humidity: Paper & Packaging Production

Are You Ready To Handle Winter Low Humidity This Year? As soon as temperatures start to drop, heaters get turned on in packaging, print and related production environments. Turning on the heating system can suddenly reduce relative humidity (RH) levels for indoor production facilities. In paper and packaging facilities, operations managers

Dust Control & Suppression With Fog

An atomized fog system can control dust for many factory, waste management and production environments without over-wetting the environment like other mist systems. Given the smaller particle size, fog effectively tackles dust particles, containing the ‘cloud’ effect dust can create.   Mist Systems Effectively Reduce Dust Summer can be a

Odor Control: Wastewater, Solid Waste (MSW), Sludge Processing, MRF

For Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) facilities such as landfill, waste-to-energy, composting, Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) recycling, and Non-MRF recycling along with wastewater processing and lagoons, using a mist system to contain odors can mean the difference in being a good neighbor. Odor Control at community or municipal waste facilities can

MicroCool Hummingbird Pump: In Action

We thought it might be helpful to show our hummingbird pump in action. What you’ll notice is how quiet the pump is. So much so that you can hear birds chirping in the background (we are located in the Coachella Valley). It was just one of those moments.  

Fog: Humidity & Dust Control For Woodworking Facilities

Fog adds humidity to dry woodworking environments while also controlling dust & debris in the air. A fog system can influence the bottom line by reducing wood distortion, product waste and minimize reworking of finishes caused by issues with drying, curing and attracting fine particles. What Are The Problems Associated With

Desert Cannabis Cultivation: Need For Humidity

Opening up zoning for cannabis operations in Southern California’s desert and inland areas means cultivators must deal with dry conditions. How are growers dealing with this very real condition of growing in a dry, desert region? High humidity environments for at least part of the growing stages has become more

Using Fog: Propagation Greenhouse

Fog For Commercial Propagation Commercial Propagation Greenhouses can benefit from use of fog. Some of the plant stages that can benefit from high humidity fog are germination, seedling, weaning stages as well as storage for hardier tree cuttings. Our systems are able to deliver constant humidity to create an environment

Fog Special FX For Mazeland In Jeju, Korea

In conjunction with Hae Mi Corporation, a MicroCool fog system was installed recently at Mazeland on South Korea’s Jeju Island. Jeju is known as the Hawaii of South Korea with temperate weather, lush environs and many gorgeous beaches. Jeju, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for it’s volcanic formations and

Data Centers Must Respond to High Weather Temperature Trend

Heat is probably on your mind if you manage a data center, colocation or hosting company–especially if you support systems or facilities dealing with critical data. And most companies would say their data is critical. How should you respond to worldwide trends of increased heat & weather temperatures, in addition

Customer Success: Quiet Fog For University Greenhouse

If Fog Is Released In A Greenhouse And No One Is Around… A recent installation of our IBEX pump in one of CU Boulder’s Greenhouses really brought home to us our customers’ appreciation of just how quiet MicroCool fog pumps are compared to others available. “The new fog system is

Greenhouses: Transforming Heat Energy Into Evaporative Cooling

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work in a Cannabis Greenhouse Environment? Air inside the greenhouse heats up due to sunlight exposure. Fog is dispersed evenly throughout the house to take advantage of this energy in the form of ambient heat. The energy is used to transform atomized fog into another state

Cooling Cannabis Greenhouses: Wet Wall ‘Pad and Fan’ v. High-Pressure Fog

Fog: More Consistent Evaporative Cooling & Humidity For Greenhouses Than a ‘Wet Wall’ The large scale of today’s commercial cannabis greenhouses demands consistent cooling. While a “wet wall” is a more traditional method of cooling a short green house, it isn’t enough when trying to maintain adequate growing temperatures consistent throughout

Eco-Friendly Dust & Odor Control For MRFs, Recycling & Waste Transfer Stations

How Fog Minimizes Dust & Odor MicroCool’s solution for waste handling facilities minimizes dust and odor by releasing a 10-micron atomized water fog which tackles any fugitive dust keeping it on the facility floor rather than traveling and moving in the air. Customized design for each system accounts for each

Condenser Coil Cooling: Increase Cooling Power

Mike Lemche, President of MicroCool, writes in Process Cooling magazine about the ability of evaporative fog to increase the cooling power of condenser coil cooling systems. This is especially relevant for aging equipment, high output systems like data centers, continuous use systems like cold stores. Spring is a great time

Customer Story: MicroCool Fog System at a Propagation Greenhouse

Read the inspiration behind installing a MicroCool fog humidification system at a propagation greenhouse as told by Roger McGaughey, Head Grower, Pioneer Gardens. Keeping the environment just right in terms of temperature and moisture for cuttings is crucial. Not only does the humidity level need to be consistent, but the

Influence of Environment—Wine Evaporation From Barrels

Sterling Vineyards stores barrels of wine in both an air-conditioned, unheated, unhumidified building (chai) and a cave (capacity: 4,000 barrels), in which there are no mechanical means to affect the environment. An experiment was designed to quantify differences in topping wine volume and costs between the chai and the cave.

Industrial Strength Humidification – 10 Reasons Why

Humidity plays an important role in industrial processes such as printing, textile manufacturing, storage facilities, automotive, and more. These industries rely on a balanced environmental system that maintains an optimal level of humidification. Even in humid climates, humidity levels indoors will vary, which can cause serious problems for the manufacturing

Winter is Coming (And it does year after year)

How will you handle low humidity this winter season?  Depending where you live, temperatures drop steadily in the fall and especially in the winter. Industrial and commercial operations compensate by turning on the heat and suddenly indoor conditions turn from chilly to warm—but very, very dry. Now the environment challenge

Industrial Facilities: Fog Systems for Dust and Odor Control

The industrial workplace is fraught with environmental challenges that impact not only quality of product but also workers’ health and safety.  The financial impact is substantial, as industries struggle to ensure the safety of their workforce, meet regulatory demands, and still be profitable. Air quality is chiefly impacted by two

Greenhouse Humidification and Cooling Solutions

Is your greenhouse flourishing? How can you know if the environmental conditions in your greenhouse are optimized for maximum growth? What solutions exist for controlling these conditions? Growers regard these considerations as fundamental to the success of their greenhouse crops. How plants use water Plants use water in four essential

Customer Success: Athens Services Sun Valley/Los Angeles (BHS) Solid Waste

Contributing to a Customer’s Reputation With Odor/Dust Suppression  It’s nice to see one of our customers receive accolades! Athens Services’ Mixed Materials Recovery Facility received the Silver Award from The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) for excellence in Solid Waste Management practices. Their Sun Valley location, 20 miles

Five Crowns: MicroCool Cold Store Solution

Founded in 1985 and based in California’s heartland, Five Crowns Marketing is a family-based grower, packer, and shipper of fresh fruits and vegetables under their celebrated label, Majesty Brand.  In addition to their own farming operations, Five Crowns also partners with Glori Ann Farms and Bee Sweet Citrus to bring

Humidification: The Static Eliminator

Static electricity becomes a problem in many industries when the relative humidity is low.  In temperate climates, this drop occurs seasonally, generally in the autumn and winter when heaters are turned on indoors.  However, in arid climates, this can be a year-round problem. Eliminating the build-up of static electricity in

5 Ways To Improve Process Cooling

Getting the most out of your environmental controls Industrial cooling systems can be clunky and inefficient, thus inherently costly.  With increasing government regulation, wildly fluctuating energy prices, and ecological impacts to consider, providing effective cooling solutions for industrial facilities can really eat into a company’s bottom line.  In addition, when

SoHo Yoga: a MicroCool case study

South Bay Hot Yoga, or SoHo Yoga, is the only studio in the Los Angeles area to offer both heated and traditional yoga classes.  This offering is driven by their “belief that yoga truly is for everyone at every level of physical fitness.” Located in Los Angeles’ trendy oceanfront community,

Microcool Announces Appointment Of New Manufacturer’s Rep Q Applied Systems

February 26, 2016 – MicroCool is pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Reagan of Q Applied Systems as a Manufacturer’s Representative in the San Diego / Orange County areas of Southern California. Q Applied Systems, is a manufacturers’ representative of HVAC and moisture control equipment and systems as well

Organic Greenhouses: Fog Humidity is Key in Reducing Plant Stress

Can water fog be used to optimize pest control in greenhouses? “Compared to our production without the fogging installation, we had fifty percent less pest in our fogged crops.” -Keith Hammonds, VP Operations, OriginO (Origin Organics). Canada: Fog System Brings Pest Pressure Down at B.C. Grower On a total of