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MicroCool’s Industrial Humidification System

MicroCool delivers everything you need in a state-of-the-art industrial humidification system.

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In many industries, precise humidity control is required to maintain equipment and product quality. For over four decades, MicroCool’s industrial humidification solutions excel in industrial applications and increase performance of operations. Offering a custom solution that is made to order, we can accommodate unique circumstances to solve issues efficiently and effectively for any size application.

Adding humidity – and being able to precisely control it

With MicroCool humidification, you’re in control. The systems operate autonomously and offer the capability of being subdivided into distinct “zones,” each subject to independent control. This enables the precise regulation of humidity levels in designated rooms or specified areas. Furthermore, the nozzles are effortlessly adjustable, facilitating precise targeting and distribution of humidification to critical areas, thereby enhancing the adaptability of our innovative systems.

MicroCool’s industrial control panels and sensors have been designed to seamlessly synchronize with MicroCool nozzles for unparalleled precisions and control. For maximum flexibility, your MicroCool system can also integrate with external controls and building automation systems.

Decidedly Better Distribution

Managing optimal humidity levels is straightforward and effortless with MicroCool’s advanced industrial humidification systems. Unlike other systems that only release humidity from one spot, your MicroCool humidification network uses several points to spread humidity evenly where it’s needed.

Precise sizing and calculations of nozzle count and placement, executed by our design team, ensures supreme system efficiency. Employing MicroCool’s proprietary FOCUS nozzles, this harmonious network is interlinked utilizing specialized hydraulic tubing, conforming to the contours of the environment for simple installation. Remarkably versatile, these nozzles can be strategically positioned as per your requirements, while still allowing for easy expansion of coverage as needs change.

Reduce Static Electricity

MicroCool systems are crucial in electronic manufacturing, including aerospace and semiconductors, providing automation, precise control, heightened production safety, and superior quality standards. These attributes effectively reduce the risk of electronic failures due to static discharge.

In digital printing, paper, and packaging facilities, maintaining ideal humidity levels becomes essential. This practice acts as a strong defense against various challenges arising from static electricity during production. Wide format printers require specific humidity conditions to ensure optimal functionality and minimize operational downtime

Maintain Product Quality

Effective humidity control stands as a pivotal factor for achieving top-notch products across a diverse range of commercial sectors. From woodworking and wine and spirits to cold storage, greenhouses, and hatcheries, a customized and automated humidity management system seamlessly integrated into daily operations yields remarkable benefits. The absence of proper humidity regulation poses industry-specific challenges, but MicroCool stands as the ultimate solution provider, addressing these unique obstacles head-on.

Reduce Contaminants

The MicroCool FOCUS pump systems come complete with automated “purge” sequences, refreshing and circulating water every 24 hours, and undergoing UV treatment to eradicate any potential waterborne viruses that might become atomized. Moreover, each FOCUS system is furnished with a carbon filter and a 5-micron filter, ensuring the removal of water impurities, rendering it exceptionally suitable for controlled settings, laboratories, and areas with heightened sensitivity. Always paired with advanced water treatment to remove dissolved solids and impurities in the local feed water helps prevent contaminants from entering the indoor environments.

Increase Productivity

Effective humidity control enhances air quality, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for employees and customers. Improved humidity regulation translates into smoother machinery operations, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This, in turn, leads to heightened employee performance as a result of a conducive workspace and uninterrupted workflows. Products undergo improvements in quality and longevity, while the controlled humidity minimizes wastage of materials, contributing to cost efficiency. As a cumulative effect, businesses witness increased return on investment, amplifying overall operational success.

Lower Cost From Day One

From installation to day-to-day operation, to low maintenance and long life, a MicroCool humidification system is the cost-effective choice. With MicroCool, you can have the very latest industrial humidification technology and performance and bottom-line savings.

60% Lower Capital Cost

The state-of-the-art MicroCool high-pressure water fog technology offers a more cost-effective installation compared to traditional methods such as steam, electrode steam, and air/water systems. Intriguingly, our design team will provide a custom layout drawing and provide all diagrams needed for the simplest installation process.

Up To 90% Lower Operating Cost

MicroCool mist systems operate without the need for an air compressor, leading to a remarkable reduction in energy consumption, potentially reaching up to 70%. Our pumps are thoughtfully designed with variable speed drives that intelligently adjust the motor speed according to demand, resulting in significant reductions in both energy and water consumption. When it comes to substantial humidification requirements, the MicroCool ROC system is capable of delivering an impressive 5,500 lbs. (2,495 kg) per hour using a single pump.

Long Life

To optimize water quality and extend nozzle longevity, it’s advisable to combine reverse osmosis systems with a MicroCool pump. This integration effectively eliminates mineral-based “dusting” (visible as white calcium deposits). For a more comprehensive solution, the MicroCool FOCUS system can incorporate reverse osmosis filtration alongside carbon and 5-micron filters. This configuration also includes a UV light filter to ensure water disinfection, achieving an impressive 99% reduction in bacterial presence for your applications.

Less Maintenance

MicroCool pump systems are equipped with a range of protective features, both electronic and hydraulic, meticulously designed to safeguard against pump damage and system malfunctions. In the event of a fault, the HMI screen will promptly signal the issue by changing its color to red, ensuring quick and visible identification. Moreover, the system includes proactive maintenance reminders and notifications that are conveniently displayed on the HMI screen, facilitating timely upkeep and efficient operation.

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