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Greenhouse Cooling Fog System Guide: Setting the Foundation for High-Performance Operation

Inspect greenhouse fog cooling systems thoroughly as the summer growing season approaches. Since last summer, the fog cooling system has been inactive. It is advisable to carefully check the system now to ensure everything is in good working order before the demands of cooling and humidifying crops through the hotter

Dairy Barns and Cow Comfort: The Triad of Shade, Airflow, and Evaporative Cooling

When I began designing high-pressure water fogging systems, an experienced engineer in the southwest gave me a piece of advice. He mentioned three main factors in keeping people or animals cool during peak summertime heat: shade, air movement, and the third crucial ingredient, evaporative cooling. Shade is the obvious one—getting

Efficient Odor Control For Cannabis: Preserve Air Quality And Minimize Odors

The smell of cannabis can be a blessing or a curse depending on who you ask. For some people, it is a pleasant and relaxing aroma that signals the presence of a beneficial plant. For others, it’s an unpleasant odor that invades their space and affects their quality of life. 

How To Properly Maintain Your Fog System?

Fog systems or misting systems are highly effective tools used to control environmental conditions across diverse industries including agriculture, horticulture, food and beverage, and various manufacturing processes.These systems function by utilizing high-pressure pumps to propel water through nozzles featuring tiny orifices, resulting in the creation of a fine mist or

The Advantages Of Installing A Custom Commercial Humidification System

In a world where efficiency is key, it’s crucial to make sure our work environments are as ideal as possible. Now that we are starting to understand more and more about how the environment around us – things like ambient temperature, airflow, and humidity – can impact both machines, product

Fogging System For Greenhouses: How Evaporative Fog Cooling Impacts The Health Of Your Crops

As temperatures rise and global weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable, the world of agriculture is seeking effective, energy-efficient solutions to keep crops healthy. That’s why the utilization of fogging systems is extremely popular among cultivators. An innovative technique that harnesses the power of evaporative cooling, a fogging or misting system

The Comparison Of Humidification Techniques

Humidity is a critical issue in industrial environments. Too little or too much moisture in the air in, say, a print shop, cannabis grow facility, cabinet maker, or oak barrel storage, can end up compromising your entire inventory and equipment. Industrial humidification systems are vital to regulating the moisture in

The Relevance Of Condenser Coil Cooling And Process Cooling

When it comes to industrial applications, process cooling capacity plays a major role in maintaining the performance of system components, the integrity of processes and the quality of finished products. This is because the heat generated by applications within an industrial plant can be harmful to applications as well as