Microol Fogging Benefits


A Leader in Atomized Fog Technology to Control Humidity and Provide Process Cooling

Create the ideal, flexible level of humidity for industrial and process cooling applications across a single room or an entire factory floor or greenhouse environment. Using state-of-the-art engineered systems, MicroCool delivers a high-pressure flash evaporative, 10-micron atomized fog. Integrated pump and nozzle modules are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. (since 1981) and are distributed worldwide.

Add Humidity

Adding humidity helps eliminate static electricity, reduces contaminants and maintains product quality. Systems are surprisingly economical to operate and maintain.


Maximize Process Cooling

Increase A/C equipment performance while minimizing energy costs. Pre-cooling systems can reduce energy requirements by 20% or more with major gains in output.

Increase Greenhouse Production

Fogging provides constant temperature and humidification control that's integrated with climate computers, ventilation systems and other monitoring equipment.


Control Air Quality

Getting dust and odor under control improves worker safety and meets regulatory requirements. It also protects against costly environmental citations and fines.

How is MicroCool Technology Better?

The MicroCool FOCUS system offers state-of-the-art fog technology for industrial humidification. The specially designed pump units, nozzles and delivery system make this the most effective way to add humidity to in-space, demanding environments.

When comparing MicroCool fogging systems to other methods of process cooling and humidification (electrode and steam humidification), it soon becomes obvious that MicroCool technology has many advantages in cost, distribution and operation.

Light Duty Humidification

FOCUS Systems
0-1,000 lbs of humidity per hour
Supports 1-100 nozzles
Well Suited for Small Spaces
Solenoid at Nozzle Prevents Wetting
Precision Delivery System

Heavy Duty Humidification

IBEX Systems
500-6,000+ lbs of humidity per hour
Supports 10-500+ nozzles
30 year Evolution of our Flagship Product
Workhorse Solution for Most Applications
Wide Range of Capacities (5 models)

Not sure what you need? We'll custom design a system built to your requirements.

MicroCool Solutions
Greenhouse Cooling and Humidification

Keep Greenhouses Cool

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is a great time to optimize your cooling options in the greenhouse environment. Keep plants happy with fog.

Fogging for Odor Control

Control Odors

Odor can quickly become a problem for wastewater plants, solid waste (MFW) centers, reclamation and sewage sludge drying beds, or recycling facilities where waste "bakes" during warm Summer months.

fogging for condenser cooling

Cool Compressors

A natural gas company in North Carolina is now able to keep their compressor units from overheating during hot, summer months and can provide uninterrupted production to their clients.



Adding humidity and cooling with water fog is eco friendly and cost effective.

Maintaining proper humidity levels can be crucial to manufacturing efficiency, avoidance of static buildup, preserving product quality, and the safety and comfort of workers.

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